Sessions & Appointments

I offer a variety of appointment times throughout the week and occasionally at weekends

Initial Consultation – Free of charge

I offer a free Initial Consultation to all potential clients. This session is a chance to meet and discuss the changes that you wish to make and for you to decide if this is the right therapy for you. I will illustrate the way the brain works, why we behave as we do and what we can do about it. It can be very reassuring to know that you can indeed change your mind.

I will give you an idea of how many sessions we may need together – specific phobias and fears usually take 3 sessions following the initial consultation, general therapy requires 8-14 sessions, although this will vary from person to person, stopping smoking is one session.

I will give you a free CD/MP3 download that you can use at home, to lay the foundations for the work we will do together and reinforce the benefits of hypnosis.

No trance work or specific exercises are included in this consultation, which lasts approximately 1 hour.

Sessions – Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and NLP – £50 (£30 for under 18’s)

These further sessions begin with psychotherapy using solution-focused techniques including NLP and mindfulness.

This is then followed by an induced hypnotic trance. Trance is a very natural and enjoyable state which we all experience every day. In trance the mind your mind will be more receptive to positive suggestions which will reinforce the work we do together.

With practice we can all ‘change our minds’ to feel happier, more confident and react more positively to life experiences. This change can have far-reaching benefits in every aspect of your day-to-day life.

Each session will last for 1 to 1.5 hours.

Smoking/ Vaping Cessation – £120

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way to help if you genuinely want to stop smoking or vaping and are finding it difficult to do so. When you stop smoking you will be physically healthier and psychologically much more positive and empowered by your decision to take control of your life.

This session is for you when you are ready to be a non-smoker, not if someone else wants you to stop, nor if you just wish to reduce your smoking.

This is one session lasting of 2 hours (no initial consultation is required).


I offer some discounted rates and promotions which we can discuss during your initial consultation.

Payment is taken at the end of each session either in cash or BACS transfer.


I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you do need to cancel please give me as much notice as possible as someone else may be able to use your appointment time.


I offer appointments at various times throughout the working week.  There may be a waiting list so please book early. If you arrive late I may not be able to offer you a full appointment.


The success of your sessions will rely on your real desire for change, your commitment and your motivation. I will give you the tools to make changes and you will need to engage in the process.

Part of the work takes place in the consulting room and you will also need to listen to the CD/download.  I may also ask you to reflect on particular aspects of our work between sessions.

Working together with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, NLP and mindfulness is safe and effective.