How to Reach Your Tipping Point and Achieve your Goals


I recently read a book called The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell all about how little things can make a big difference.  He uses lots of examples including the spread of disease and crime, the popularity of TV programmes and certain products.  It occurred to me that this principle also applies to emotional and psychological change.

In our sessions we look for small meaningful things that you can easily achieve before your next appointment, Gradually these things build up until suddenly you have made the change you are looking for.  A radical change becomes more than a possibility, it becomes a certainty.

Interestingly once you have made the change then you almost start to forget about it.  “Oh yes, I used to be overweight, actually in the end it was easy melt away the pounds”, “Oh yes, I used to have IBS or panic attacks but now I am more relaxed and happy it has stopped etc”

Those all-important tipping points can be small and trivial and may not even be related to the main thing you wish to change.  Gladwell talks about The Power of Context which means that even if you change only small things in your environment the cumulative positive benefit will spill over into other aspects of your life and contribute positively help you reach your goals.

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